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Hello, World!
I’m Elisabet Frauca.
A UX/UI Designer and Front-End Developer in Spain. I simp for a good looking set of User-friendly features in a gorgeous app/web.


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What can I do?

My main goal is to help you find your “Philosopher’s stone” or your “Universal Panacea” as long as it has to do with my fortés:


FIRE: “User centered alchemy” or UX/UI design


WATER: “Code transmutation” or Front-end development


AIR: “Design sublimation” or Graphic design


EARTH: “Photo ceration” or Photography


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What have I done?


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About me

Welcome to Visual Alchemy, where design is pure magic!
I'm a passionate UX/UI designer and frontend developer, skilled in creating captivating digital experiences.
With expertise in photography, graphic design, and web editing, I blend creativity and functionality to turn your visions into gold-standard designs.
Join me on this magical design journey at Visual Alchemy, where we'll create digital magic together!


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Let's work together!

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